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8.6 Discussion Question

The question should have a response of 500 words and there should be 2 peer reviewed sources. Each should also have 2 scriptural or biblical principles applied. Each question should have its own references and not combined for both questions. The full question should not be included in the text.


A lighting company seeks to study the percentage of defective glass shells being manufactured. Theoretically, the percentage of defectives is defectives is dependent on temperature, humidity, and the level of artisan expertise. Complete historical data are available for the following variables on a daily basis for a year:

a.    Temperature (high, normal, low)
b.    Humidity (high, normal, low)
c.    Artisan expertise level (expertise, average, mediocre).

Some experts feel that defectives also depend on production supervisors. However, data on supervisors in charge are available for only 242 of the 365 days. How should this study be conducted?


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