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A reader’s postcolonial Criticism of Half A life

Half a Life  Assignment

Apply critical approaches to the novel Half a Life by V.S. Naipaul to both respond to the storys various elements using Readers Response Criticism and to explore in the Postcolonial Criticism (AL, pp. 273-74) aspects of the novel. Include Biographical Criticism and New Historicism Criticism to aid in your analysis. Use ample evidence from the story to support your assertions. Your title should be

A Readers Postcolonial Criticism of Half a Life
The introduction will consist of a summary of the story. The first sentence should identify the authors full name, the full title of the story, and the overall substance of the story. Include at least two quotes in the introduction. The introduction should not exceed one paragraph that is approximately one page. You will need to reduce the two page minimum summary for the previous assignment by selecting the highest main points to present.

End the introduction with your thesis, which should include the author, the title, and your perspective of the story based on an idea of identity in a postcolonial character.

The body of the analysis should include an introduction, a minimum of eight body paragraphs, and a conclusion that is a minimum of six pages. Include at least two quotes per paragraph. Use quotes that follow the guidelines set in the Integrating Quotes handout to present your evidence. In addition, include at least one paraphrase and one block quote. The block quote must be a minimum of four lines and a maximum of eight lines. Include appropriate in-text citations.

Quotes must include at least one use of brackets and at least one use of ellipsis. Demonstrate a competent use of a variety of quoting styles (all four that the handout covers).

Use research to support and validate your assertions. Use a minimum of six sources; at least, two of those sources must be TCC database sources.

The Works Cited page should include an entry for Half a Life and the sources that you should include to support your assertions. You should have a minimum of seven entries that follow all of the guidelines for your entries found both in your text and on the Owl@Purdue website.

The conclusion should give an astute summary of your main points and restate the thesiss main idea.

Use proper MLA formatting

Use mid-formal academic language.

Proofread and edit for punctuation and grammar issues.

Readers Response Criticism.docx
Postcolonial Criticism.docx
Half a Life Assignment.docx


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