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Acid rain Eutrophication

poster about Acid rain Eutrophication
you must make the public aware of how these
pollutions affect our area…so you will make a Wanted poster to describe the pollution,
what causes it, and how to stop it.
1. Photo – images and diagrams that represent your environmental pollution.
2. Description – what is your environmental pollution so that anyone can recognize it (i.e.
what does it look like in the environment, danger signs, etc.)
3. Environmental Pollutions information- How is the pollution created (source) and how
does it spread to attack the environment?
4. The culprits hideout – Any regions where the pollution is highly evident.
5. Most common victims it preys upon – How does it affect the environment?
6. Is it armed and dangerous? – How dangerous is the environmental pollution to human
7. Most effective weapon against the pollution – what are some possible solutions to the
pollution problem?
8. resources (Wikipedia Does Not Count As A Source!)


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