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Advanced Project and Logistics Management


I have attached comments from the Assessor for this assignment. Advanced Project and Logistics Management.

Some changes are required as per below (and attached has comments)

1. Kindly copy and paste the tasks from the assignment brief as it is. You should not omit the command verbs or change the sentence / tasks given in the assignment brief document.

2. Proper labelling of the tasks as to be done. This is required for the assessor so that the tasks can be identified and then assessed against the given criteria.

3. Sufficiency is an issue in some tasks, refer to my comments.  I can understand that there is a suggested word limit given but in this case you need to use images, charts, tables and diagrams to show the key frameworks, models and then explain or assess them as per the tasks

4. Broadly, as a guidance I suggest that for Action / Command Verbs, you can cover the tasks by writing them:

Explain, Define, Describe,  – 70-100 words
Assess / Examine / Clarify/ Analyse – 150-175 words
Compare/ Contrast/ Critically / Evaluate – 175-250 words


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