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African American Lit

5) Write a discussion board post, responding to the following questions:

The tenor and content of  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s  most famous “I Have a Dream” speech differ entirely from the messages he presents in the NBC interview and in one of the last sermons he preached. Identify a few of those differences. 
Based on your understanding of the ideas Dr. King presents in each of the videos here, does the stance Malcolm X takes in his “Message to the Grassroots” speech differ from that of Dr. King’s? Briefly explain.
Scholars have suggested that the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965 signaled the formal start of the Black Power and Black Arts Movements.  According to Larry Neal, what is the Black Arts Movement and how does it relate to the Black Power Movement?  Do Neal’s ideas about the function of Black art relate to those which Richard Wright expressed thirty years earlier in “Blueprint for Negro Writing?”

***The brief  responses to all three questions should cite (refer to) actual written or visual texts, indicating that you have actually read and viewed them.  Please do not submit any fluff and poop responses.  *** <<<<<<<<professors words

Here are some of the links to follow and read to answer the following discussion board questions:

Read Larry Neals The Black Arts Movement (1968) pp. 784-787


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