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Against gun control

For this essay you are to select a current social issue. You will be taking a personal position on the issue and identifying and developing reasons to support your position. You need to demonstrate you have done research on the topic/issue (at least 3 5 sources). You should offer substantive information in your essay. Develop your discussion to address the following:

a) A title for your paper. Be sure to include a title page in APA format. The title page must have: title of paper, your name, name and time of course, instructors name and paper due date.
b) Provide an introduction to the issue and give some overall information about why this issue is important. You may also want to indicate in this section why you find this particularly interesting and why you selected it.
c) State your position and introduce in general your reasons for this position.
d) Provide and develop at least three (3) reasons to support your position. You can give both moral and fact-based reasons. Use examples and evidence to strengthen your reasons. If you cite or pull information from any sources be sure to cite them using APA format.
e) Explore what opposing viewpoints exist in relationship to your position. For example, if you are against compulsory drug testing for athletes, state why someone might argue in favor of it. Discuss what might be valid and invalid support for these viewpoints.
f) Provide an integrative conclusion that revisits your position, overall reasons that you discussed, and how the opposing viewpoints relate to your stance.
g) Include a bibliography of sources in APA format


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