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American History

In this assignment, you will submit your final paper. Your final paper must be 47 pages of text, plus a title page and APA-formatted reference page. You may include properly cited graphics, such as pictures, maps, and graphs if you like. You must use and cite at least 5 scholarly sources; Wikipedia, encyclopedias, and websites that are intended for a general audience are not scholarly sources. You may supplement the 5 scholarly sources with news articles.

Imagine that you are a time-traveling journalist who covers military conflicts. Your assignment is to cover either the American Revolution or Civil War, and then time-travel to a revolution or civil war in another country. If you choose to cover the American Revolution, youll also cover another country’s revolution; if you choose to cover the American Civil War, you’ll also cover another country’s civil war. Examples of revolutions include the Third Servile War (Spartacus Revolt), the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, and the Bolshevik Revolution. Examples of civil wars include Rwanda, Syria, Cambodia, and Yemen.

You’ll be writing this from the perspective of an observer of the two conflicts. You will begin by creating a character. Tell your reader who this character is and make him or her feel real and relatable to your reader. As you cover the required content of this paper, make it personal. Use the first person, describe events as if you witnessed them yourself, talk about people you met, and describe how all of this affected you. Feel free to create some adventure or peril for your character! The key is to make your paper realistic and personal.

You’ll provide information about each conflict, including the cause or causes, groups involved, leadership, major events of the conflict, impact on civilians, and outcome. You will then compare and contrast the two conflicts. Remember that this is to be written from a personal perspective! As you conclude your paper, write about what you learned from witnessing the two conflicts and how the experience affected you.


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