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Analysis of a movie

ESSAY TOPIC:  Write an original review of the film, Short Term 12 (Destin Daniel Cretton,  2013).  In your analysis of the films strengths or weaknesses, focus on elements of film and narrative as they pertain to Character, Performance, Screenplay/Story, Dialogue, Score/Music, Setting, Visuals and Theme.


1)    You must clearly introduce the film in your introductory paragraph.
2)    You must mention specific scenes from the film and provide a clear context for the scenes before you analyze them.
3)    For cast and crew information, and for the proper spelling of character names, please use
4)    You must clearly address two reviews of the filmone you agree with, one you disagree within your argument.  Use the websites or to find the reviews.  DO NOT use user reviews on either side.
5)    Reviews must be clearly introduced in-text with proper lead-ins that feature the name of the critic and the original source of the review.
6)    Do not depend on a reader being thoroughly aware of the film.  Write for a large general audience; however, you can discuss all plot elements and do not have to avoid spoilers.
7)    Your essay must have an introductory paragraph with a clearly defined thesis statement at the end. 
8)    Your thesis statement should be precise, and its scope should reflect the length of this particular assignment.
9)    Your body paragraphs should feature clear topic sentences.  Make sure each paragraph is constructed around a single central idea.
10)    Paragraphs in the body of the essay should have smooth transitions between them.
11)    Your essay must have a conclusion paragraph that recalls your thesis statement.  Wrap up what your essay has been arguing for your reader without simply rewriting your thesis statement word for word.
12)    Proofread for sentence structure, grammar, andmost importantlycontent!   


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