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Analysis paper one: Carl Jung

the analysis papers are five to seven pages in length but may be longer.  You must cover all the major concepts of the theory and demonstrate that you not only understand and can describe the concept but that you can apply it accurately.  Imagine you are the theorist and that you are writing a colleague. You would want to explain your theory and then also explain how your theory applies to this unique person you have met — Meursault!

Some key points:

Do NOT quote from your textbook — you need to be able to explain the concepts in our own words.  Anyone can cut/paste — it demonstrates no understanding of the material.
Make sure you both define and apply.
Make sure that you focus on all of the major concepts of the theorist.
Make sure you focus on how the theorist defines and applies a concept.  Don’t add in concepts that are from other theories or pop psychology.  Also, make sure you don’t use a “popular” definition of a term but rather use the term accurately based on the specific theory.  For example, Freud, Jung, and a host of others include the term “ego” but each theorist uses the term differently.
Section headings are a really good idea!


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