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Analyze a movie scene

Analyze one scene in God Father 1
Pick one of your favorite movies (or tv show/short film), something you’ve seen before and know well.

Pick a scene from the film, the most important/pivotal scene, or perhaps just your favorite one, or the most memorable. Analyze it using the terms of story structure as discussed in class.

Zooming OUT: Explain the scene in context of the larger narrative. Which part/act of the film does this take place? Does this scene contain any major plot points (example: an inciting incident that begins Act II), or is it not as important to the narrative and serves another purpose (example: a scene to set the mood, the develop characters, to build the world, etc). This can be just a paragraph or two of casual writing.

Zooming IN: Describe the beats of the scene, the individual moments. Identify the major beat, the key moment that the scene is building up to, the reason the scene is in the movie. Break down (if possible) the scene into the minor beats as well, the smaller moments used to build up tension or drama.  Organize this breakdown of major/minor beats in the form of a bullet point list.

If possible, find/upload/link a video of the scene so we can watch and analyze together.


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