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Analyze Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

History 110 Frederick Douglass Analytical Essay

This 4-5 page typed, double-spaced essay asks you to analyze what Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass teaches you about how slavery confined both slave and master in a system of violence and oppression. 

Historian Margaret Washington in the documentary Africans in America that I showed in class noted that when you enslave a person, in some ways you become a slave yourself because masters and slaves are natural enemies. 

In your analytical essay, Id like you to consider at least 2 of the following topics in connection with the question Ive asked.

-physical violence
-sexual violence

1)Present a clearly stated argument (thesis) on the first page that fully addresses the essay question.

2)Defend your argument against possible objections.

3)Develop your argument through the use of evidence presented in the body of your paper that fully addresses the essay question.  Each paragraph should have evidence.  Use specific examples from the readings to argue your point.

4) Write clear and effective topic sentences for each paragraph, and transitional sentences leading to the next paragraph.  Remember one topic sentence per paragraph with supporting evidence as a general rule.  Each paragraph needs evidence, analysis, relate to thesis and then a transition sentence.

5)Present a conclusion that clearly and concisely offers a summation of your argument.

6)Proofread your paper for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, transitional sentences.

7)Do not switch tenses in your paper.  History is written in the past tense.

8)Use Chicago style citation (footnotes not parenthetical citations). See website I have posted for further information.

9)Contextualize your quotations/introduce your quotations.  Explain to the reader who is speaking and the context and significance of the the quotation.

10) Write for the ignorant, but intelligent reader.  Do not assume the reader knows your topic.  Explain your references and your terminology.

11)Paginate your paper.

12)Use the passive voice as little as possible.  The passive voice removes human agency from sentences making it seem like events just happen without historical actors.  For example: Native Americans were moved off their land in the 1890s.  This is an example of passive voice and is not an effective sentence.  Who moved the Native Americans and why? Better sentence: Land hungry white settlers and federal land policy pressured Native Americans to move onto smaller reservations.

13)Proofread, edit and revise. 


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