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: Trace a red cell blood from the right pollex capillary bed through the body, and return to the right pollex. Imagine a red cell has a cameraperson and a
news anchor (you) onboard, and you are reporting on this unique journey. You begin your journey in the distal capillary bed of the right pollex, where your cell
has just become deoxygenated and CO2 loaded. Relate to your audience what you are seeing. Include major vascularization, the heart, pulmonary circulation,
and return to major vascularization. Include the chemical events at the pO2 to pCO2 exchange in the lung and in the capillary.
Do not forget carbonic anhydrase
and chloride shift. Remember to cite all sources. You may present a hand drawing.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Anatomy: Provide a detailed description of the anatomy of the circulatory system.
A. Capillary Bed: Describe the capillary bed and right pollex, using proper terminology.
B. Vascularization: Describe the major vascularization, using proper terminology.
C. Organs: Describe the heart and pulmonary structures, using proper terminology.
II. Chemical Events: Provide a detailed description of the chemical events.
A. Deoxygenation and CO2 Loading: Explain the pO2 to pCO2 exchange.
B. Shift: Describe carbonic anhydrase and chloride shift.


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