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Ancient Egyptian Color Presentation

I have attached the slideshow. Please fill out the empty slides with headings in red. The topic is about:
Definition of each colour in Ancient Egypt.
Usage of each colour in different artworks and their meaning in that context.
The most common and least common used colours.
The aim of this course is to collect academically sound sources to do research for this presentation. Please only use scholarly online databases and books (nothing published before copyright). Databases such as JSTOR and EBESCO are great. I have attached some academic sources I found. Please when filling out the slides with pictures in them anaylze them and talk about the usage of color in each of them and what each color represents in these artworks. Please fill each slide with plenty of insighful and academic information. Please use MLA in the works cited to list all sources used. If you could please incorporate some of the text written by rene dryfus.
*All images were found on JSTOR Database
Thank you!


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