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After brainstorming about possible ‘opposition’ points, or points of view on the topic/issue that are different from yours, please find a source that supports or shares an opposing idea related to your topic or issue. Some topics are ‘trickier’ than others to find an opposing point of view, but all topics should have ideas/points that are in some way ‘different’ than yours even if they don’t directly oppose your perspective. If you can’t think of opposition to your thesis, there may be opposition (or a different point of view) on one of your ‘support points’ (a different view on the ’cause’ or a different belief on what can ‘solve’ the problem). Reach out for help if you are struggling to think of an opposition point.

After brainstorming on and finding an opposition source, read it and complete an Annotated Bibliography Entry (

). Submit your ABE for an opposition source by Tuesday’s class time.

topic is alcohol use in college which is the topic you chose last time 


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