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(Any) Healthcare Organization

The 12 pages paper should follow APA format and should nclude Title Page, Abstract, Body, Conclusion, and References (minimum 4). Do not forget to add citations/quotations.

The Research paper will be based on any Healthcare Organization of your choice, including any hospital, clinic, facility, or healthcare organization.

The paper should include the following requirements:

Identify and describe the following items of the Health Care Facility chosen:
System integration
Corporate structure
Legal entities (incorporated vs. unincorporated)
Statement of operations (financial status)
Workforce information (number of employees, positions, etc)
Services offered
Technology utilized
Facility design
Ambulatory care services
Emergency operations plan structure
Materials management strategy and design
Patient safety data (errors, adverse events, sentinel  events)
Joint Commissions accredited?
Process improvement plans
Insurance plans accepted and health plans offered
Billing and collection process
Summary of lessons learned (what does the student like about the Healthcare Organization and what would you change as an Administrator)


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