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Pick one of the following:

– Selma (Mainstream Drama)

– Zoot Suit  (Innovative Drama)

– Documentary of your choosing.

Research the history behind the subject of the film. Then review the film from the viewpoint of history, rather than entertainment. You should include the following.

An introduction to the genre of historical film you will be discussing and the film you chose.
A brief synopsis of the film.
What seems to be most accurate in the film? What sources are you using to assess accuracy?
In what ways does the film impact your reading of any of the documents you have read (e.g. the historical research you have done as well as readings from the textbook.)?
What liberties does the film take with the past? Why?
Is the film primarily entertainment, or is it really trying to work within a historical period? How can you determine the film maker’s intention? Consider the sets, costumes, music, camera angles/shots and colors.
When was the film produced/distributed and what, if any, modern/contemporary point is the film trying make? You may want to research reviews written about the film by film scholars as well as historians.
How does the film compare to the descriptions that Rosenstone uses to describe the type of historical film that you chose? In other words, how does the film fall into the parameters that Rosenstone uses to qualify the validity of the work as a historical work? You may want to compare and contrast the film with the one we viewed for class as well. (optional)
5 -7 pages, 12pt font, double spaced, MLA citation with works cited page. Include a title.


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