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Remember  the values , beliefs and professionalism you brought to this program as a beginning nursing student. You identified these in the beginning nursing courses.Through the undergraduate bachelors curriculum you have accomplished so much. You have proved competencies in knowledge , skills and attitudes.

As you have moved through the undergraduate nursing program you have developed as a student, person and professional. Through interactions with professors, nursing professionals in clinical experiences and with your peers you have gained knowledge, experience and skills.

Using reflection, think about those values , the  knowledge and skills you have gained  and discuss  an interaction or a time during the last year that you felt you were beginning to realize that you were preparing to transition to the professional role. This can be in a school clinical setting, a personal experience or a work experience.

At the end of the paper; identify 5-7 objectives/ goals for your final semester here at Salem State. You will be entering the professional role very soon. Use this last semester to fulfill all that you perceive you need to move forward.

Paper should be 2 pages maximum not including personal goals

APA format


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