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Chose from one of these two articles. OConnell, Mark. Why Would Anyone Want to Visit Chernobyl? New York Times Magazine, March 29, 2020.
Popkin, Gabriel. Can Genetic Engineering Bring Back the American Chestnut? The New York Times, April 30, 2020, sec. Magazine.
Read the article and write an essay analyzing it from the point of view of what we have learned in this class. At the minimum, you should address the following questions: Do events described support the concept of Anthropocene? How are they related to the idea of wilderness? How do they relate to the ideas of “traditional” or “new” conservation? What issues of environmental justice are raised? Which arguments we encountered in readings for this class, are best supported by this article? (That is, think about all the readings we have done in this course, which one(s) would be most likely to cite the article you just read in support of the arguments being made by the author of the course reading?)

Feel free to use as many words as you need for your analysis, however around 1000-1500 should be enough to address the question in sufficient detail


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