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The Article: Cihon, J.H., Ferguson, J.L., Milne, C.M., Leaf, J.B., McEachin, J., & Leaf, R. (2019). A preliminary evaluation of a token system with a flexible earning requirement. Behavior Analysis in Practice (12), 548-556. please complete the assigment like listed below with the comments on the side
The article review should consist the following (see information provided in General Article Review Instructions module, General Review Instructions document for more information).

10 points:
APA formatting (1-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, proper citations for quotes, etc.) See more information at Purdue Owl: (Links to an external site.)
Include title page, quotes and citations, reference section (Note: Please do not cut-and-paste from the above citation as this will results in a 2-point deduction. You will lose the hanging paragraph, the font will be incorrect and/or the gray box will be included, which is not following the APA formatting guidelines for citations.)

8 Points:
Follow standard writing conventions including proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, verb/subject agreement, capitalization, etc.

10 points:
Answer questions 1-10 as listed below. You should indicate each answer to the questions by inserting a comment (see the document, How to indicate answers to questions, outlining this procedure in the general instructions information- module 2). Submissions must include the comment referencing the question or they will be returned without a score.
Question are worth 1 point each and will be scored based on accuracy, and thoroughness.

1. What is/are the research question(s)?
2. What research design was used?
3. Where did the research take place (setting)?
4. Identify and describe each participant of the research study.
5. What is the dependent variable (behavior to change the behavior being measured)?
6. What is the independent variable (method/intervention used to change dependent variable)?
7. Outline how you would replicate this study based on the information provided?
8. What were the results?
9. Explain how the conclusions were justified by the results?
10. What are the limitations of the study?

extra credit (2 points)
Note: you must submit your article review by the due date to receive extra credit

11. What did you learn from reading this article?

All information on your submission must be in your own words or quotations with appropriate in-text citation. Do not copy text from the article.


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