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Much of negotiation theory and research reported in this volume is based on studies of negotiators in simulated market transactionsthat is, simplified decision situations in which negotiators who have no past or future relationship with each other focus on key issues such as price and terms. But much actual negotiation occurs within established relationships, in which the past history and future expectations of the parties with each other significantly affects how they negotiate in the present. In this weeks readings, we indicated why negotiation within relationships is likely to be different from market transactions, discussed different forms that relationships could take, and reviewed what research has informed us about how a relationship context might shape negotiation behavior.

Many negotiations concern how to work (and live) together more effectively over time, how to coordinate actions and share responsibilities, or how to manage problems that have arisen in the relationship. In this chapter, we evaluated the status of previous negotiation researchwhich has focused almost exclusively on market-exchange relationshipsand evaluated its status for different types of relationships, particularly communal-sharing and authority-ranking relationships.

We have examined three core elements common to many negotiations within relationships: reputations, trust, and justice. Trust issues are central to relationships. While some amount of trust exists in market-transaction negotiations, trust is more critical to communal-sharing

Please answer the following questions in your original discussion posting (250 words). Also, be sure to cite one additional resource.

1. How does egocentric bias play out in judgements about fairness?

2. Why are negative reputations difficult to repair?

3. What are some of the findings of the limited amount of negotiation research about communal sharing relationships?


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