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Chapter 5 traces printing in Europe from the introduction of relief printing in China to the invention of typographic printing by Johann Gutenberg.

In 1-2 well-written, proofread and spell-checked paragraphs, discuss any ONE of these questions below based on your readings of Chapter 5: Printing Comes to Europe. Do not hesitate to go outside of the textbook to support your responses, but do give credit by using in-text citations. Points will be lost for spelling and grammatical errors.

Discuss early block printing in Europe. Give three examples and briefly discuss the cultural significance of each, as well as the tools, materials, and methods used to produce them.
Discuss three factors in fifteenth-century Europe that set the stage for the mechanization of book production.
Describe three contributions made by Johann Gutenberg that contributed to the success of printing with movable type. Consider materials and production methods.
Who is credited with the production of early 15th Century Letters of Indulgence and what were they issued for? Consider materials and production methods as well as design.


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