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1.    Destination Profile:
Write a research paper showcasing the unique and interesting elements of your destination.  Your paper should include the following points: 
a.    Historic overview
b.    Ethnic & Religious overview
c.    Culture, Traditions, & languages
d.    Labor market what do people do for a living?  Evavluate the current hospitality industry within your destination
e.    Tourism Infrastructure or Development
f.    The 10 most important destinations to visit. (In the country)

Your paper should include a title page, table of contents, and works cited page.  This paper should be a thorough analysis of your destination as such, it is always better to provide more data when possible. 
Avg. Length: 10 Pages
2.    Tour Itinerary
Create a 15 day tour that will be offered to your classmates covering at least visits to sites identified in point f above.  The tour being offered should consider all your findings from your destination profile and highlight the culture, history, attractions, and hospitality industry of your destination.  Additionally, you will need to explain and consider how the group will leave their home destination of Providence, RI, arrive on your tour, and return back home. 

At the beginning of your itinerary document please include a short excerpt that highlights your tour and gets the reader excited to choose your trip. 

At the end of your itinerary, please include supporting documentation that prepares the traveler for what they should expect in your destination.  I.E. What should they pack?  What currency will they need?  How should they rendezvous with the group?  What languages should they know?  Is there any food related issues they should know about?  What other significant items does the traveler need to know before coming to the destination?


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