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Biological anthropologists rely on material remains (bones, tools, etc.) to understand humans evolutionary history. For this essay, you must review and analyze the work of anthropologists in a site where remains of hominins were found (early hominins, Homo habilis, and/or Homo erectus). The purpose of this assignment is for you to:

Situate the site in a historical and geographical perspective (where is it located, who lived there, and when);
Provide a detailed description of the remains found, as well as how these remains were dated; and
Explain how these remains contribute to our understanding of hominin evolution.
This essay must rely on three authored sources pertaining directly to the site chosen (archaeology/science magazine articles, anthropology research blogs and/or reports, newspapers articles), including at least two peer-reviewed sources. You may not use your assigned textbook to as a peer-reviewed resource. These sources should be used in the essay to support your original refection. These sources should also be properly cited in APA style.


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