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Your first assignment is a speculative one.  This means you will need to envision a future in which you are a working artist in your respective field. You will imagine a future art-space (virtual, built) in which your work will be presented. What type of museum, art space might exist in the future? Will public art, land work or guerilla art still be a thing? Based on the reading of art catalogs and an interview with a member of your class, in 1,000 words write the introduction to your peers art show that is specific and concrete.
This assignment will help you to clarify your future goals as an artist as well as become a better writer.
Please type all assignments and format your work correctly, using MLA guidelines.

Please think of 10 good interview questions as artists so you can write a 1000 word catalog introduction to one anothers fictions future art shows. (need write two part that one is 10 questions, one is 1000words about the essay)
Review the PDF catalog introductions in this Module before deciding on a list of at least 10 interview questions
(This essay needs to be combined with these 10 questions to complete, and this essay is an interview with my classmate JINGYU DONG Zhang imagined future art museum, so its must be complete with her. Written in third person)


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