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For your final writing assignment, you will prepare a 5-7 page Essay on a current HOT TOPIC in one of the hospitality management segments. 

You will choose the segment of the Hospitality Industry that interests you the most:  Foodservice, Lodging, Travel & Tourism as well as a hot topic or current issue that is affecting that specific industry.

Explain how this issue became a hot button issue for the industry.
Describe how the industry is responding to or adapting to this issue. Are there any industry associations that are taking a stand regarding this topic?
What is the industry doing to address this current hot topic?
Include specific industry references and examples to reinforce your points, include at least one industry professional organization (such as the National Restaurant Association, American Hotel & Lodging Association, or the U.S. Travel Association).
Finish up by describing how this issue could continue to influence or affect the industry in the future; how will the industry handle this issue going forward?
The essay should be in APA format, about a segment in the industry that interest you and focused on a current topic occurring in that industry segment today.  “Restaurant Management” is NOT an acceptable topic.

Please make sure you use at least 3 resources, and cite them properly.  Spell check and proofread.


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