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Topic: Research an educational issue from the perspective of a researcher in Global cultures major.

***You would need to connect this to a main point that you are trying to make about American and Chinese education (NOT CULTURE SHOCK!!). Please focus on how both systems, despite their strong differences, have aspects which are important for preparing students for today’s career world and that it is important for students to be exposed to some of the aspects in both systems.***

To compare American and Chinese education systems, please focus on:
Part 1: The teaching styles from these two countries.
Part 2: The advantages of both education systems eg. Chinese students are good at taking tests -> they are trained to excel in exams  and search logically for direct answers; US students learn to challenge standard and answers are explore different possibilities.

Your research may result in an argumentative essay depending on your topic, but it does not have to. Instead, you may focus on informing your reader about a relatively unknown aspect of the education debate and its significance. The goal of your essay is to inform your audience (your classmates) about one way that your field is connected to education or an educational issue that you choose to focus on.

This essay will require you to conduct library research and acknowledge sources using the MLA research format. It will also require you to go through the drafting process, including an instructor conference and peer review to gain feedback.

You will need to provide background information or context for the educational topic you have chosen. You will also need to present and integrate research on this topic and its connection to your field of study. You may include class readings among your sources. You will need to develop a thesis that is supportable with your research.

You must use a minimum of six sources by the final draft. The final draft will include an abstract and an annotated bibliography.

Page Limits: 8-10 pages (2,500 words MINIMUM) for the essay content, around 2-3 pages for the abstract, works cited or annotated bibliography.

Please follow the instruction, writing format, guidelines (from powerpoint), and the checklist (from upload additional materials) carefully and DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.


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