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In a 5-7 page thesis driven essay:

Choose one specific time period or art movement covered in class (beginning with the Romantics and ending with contemporary times). First, define and describe the art period/ movement. Secondly, choose two different forms of artistic expression from the following list and discuss how they represent the chosen time period:

-Visual Art (includes any medium discussed in class, such as painting, sculpture, etc.)




Finally, discuss how these works have influenced our post-modern contemporary society.

*You must use 3 separate sources of research in this essay

Wikipedia is not a source of research!!


– Be sure to clearly describe the ideology, history and culture of the specific era you have chosen.

– Introduce the artist, architect, and/or writer of the pieces you have chosen to discuss. (this should include the persons ideology/ philosophy that influenced the work)

-Do not forget to clearly link the ideology and culture of the era/artistic movement with the pieces being discussed. In other words, how are the pieces chosen representative of that period in human history?

-Finally, demonstrate how this time period/artistic movement and the representative pieces chosen have influenced our post-modern society.


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