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Describe what main result you would anticipate seeing in the paper, based on the title alone in as much detail as possible. Its ok if this differs from what is actually found in the paper.

The first sentence of this abstract usually sets up a large, motivating context for the paper. This is the main reason that the authors believe you should consider their work important or the overall context into which the authors believe the work will fit. Restate this context in your own words.

The next sentence usually narrows down the motivating context to a specific area of research and implies an experimental question. Can you state the question or hypothesis in your own words? You can keep moving through the abstract and come back to this if you feel stuck.

Next, the abstract will usually state the main experimental approach (experimental design). Try to summarize the approach in your own words. You could also make a flowchart of the experimental design. Also try to state a hypothesis that could be addressed by the design used. 

What was the main result of the paper? How does it relate to the hypothesis you came up with above?

In the next bit of the abstract, the authors propose some specific mechanisms for the change in the baboons culture. What are they?

The main results of the paper are summarized in the figures. For each figure, please take a look and try to summarize (in a few sentences) the main result that is being conveyed (your notes from our class discussions will be helpful!). If you are thorough enough, you may summarize the figure as a whole. It might also be useful to address each panel individually if you need help organizing your thoughts.

Finally, given your analysis of the abstract, do you think that the results conveyed in the figures actually addressed the goals that the authors stated? What might you have done differently? What else might you want to see or what would you do in a future study (what kind of data would you want to see next)?


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