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Assignment: Write a researched argument 
Length: 5 pages; MLA format

Make sure you choose an interesting topic

Does this subject really interest you?
Are ample (credible) sources of information readily available?
Can you focus the topic?
Does this topic offer a challenge? In other words, you should select a topic that will allow you to go beyond your current base of knowledge, ideas, opinions, and insights
Well discuss possible topics in class 🙂

Well also discuss the essays structure.

The Rules

Present a well-organized analytical argument about an approved topic
Use convincing reasons, appropriate quotes, and specific evidence to develop your main points
Incorporate credible sources. You will have five sources (two films* and three credible** articles or books)
Use MLA style to format your paper and to document your use of sources
Avoid long quotes; try to paraphrase or summarize the authors words/ideas
Remember: Quotations only support or illustrate a point; they cannot make the point
Essay length: 5 pages (Double-Spaced; Times New Roman; Size 12)
Don’t forget to include in-text citations
Dont forget the Works Cited page
*2001 – 2020

**At least one of your secondary sources has to be a scholarly source (e.g., academic journal article)

The A+ Essay: clear and original thesis; strong organization; strong analytical content; excellent use of textual evidence; clear discussion of textual evidence in relation to thesis; excellent transitions; excellent sequencing and pacing; compelling word choice, demonstrating insightful use of figurative language; sentences are carefully formed and positioned with attention to emphasis, rhythm and pace to engage the reader; avoids ambiguous pronouns and overused words; no grammar, spelling, or mechanical errors; follows the Essay 3 handout; correct documentation style (MLA)


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