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Find a current event article that is interesting to you and relates to the chapter. A current event needs to have taken place no more than 3 weeks prior to submission. Make sure to include the article information in your submission. Answer the questions as concise and informative short answer/paragraph form as possible.

What area does this topic effect:

World – How the US relates to the incident
National Government (U.S.)
Local (Specific State/County/City)

Who is the article about? Who are the main players on the article. – group of people, organization, one person
When did the event in the article take place? The date of the event and the article. Include time frame/period.
Where did this event happen?  Actual city, county or state.
What is the source of information for this article? Name of website, magazine or newspaper.
In your own words, write an accurate summary of the article.
How do you think this issue impacts your community? Our country? The World?
How does this article relate to the chapter and why is it important to the study of Political Science?

The topic for this week is civil rights, find an article related to civil right and follow the given directions above.


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