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Please read the instructions very carefully!!!

This assignment is for connecting the class concepts to some cultural artifact or event. You will select some cultural thing (which can include a relevant film*, TV show, piece of art, performance, community or campus event, etc.) and then write about its connection to our course according to the instructions below.

You will need to complete a write-up that meets these specifications. The write-up should be 2-4 paragraphs and should include 1) a thorough description of the film, event, etc. itself (geared toward an audience unfamiliar with the film, event, etc, and 2) a reflection on how the event or film connects to a specific topic of our course. Please be sure to substantively cite at least one specific course reading (using actual citations) as you make these connections. You may also address what you learned from this event or film about human rights (or some specific topic related to our class), but that is not a substitute for the aforementioned requirements and should be included as an additional paragraph.

The reading that I provide is about uneven mobility, and you should read the reading first, and then find a relevant film to watch, TV show, piece of art or performance. Finally, write the essay. The concept of this reading is uneven mobility.


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