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*Read Banhams Los Angeles: The Architecture of the Four Ecologies, paying special attention to Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 11.

*Watch Thom Andersens Los Angeles Plays Itself (transcript posted on BB)
*You are to select a specific scene from Los Angeles Plays Itself that particularly relates to some idea mentioned in Banhams Four Ecologies or LA Plays Itself  you find interesting.
*Produce a 800-word analysis of the film scene that you find compelling and then relates this theme to Banhams assessment of Los Angeles, using critical detail. How it relates is up to you (it could reinforce Banham, or contradict, or add to his assessment). 300 words about what the book and the film talks about, and 500 should be your own thoughts about one specific scene you find interesting.
Within text, supply one quote from Banham as well as one other quote from our assigned readings for the term. Cite both fully (Last Name, Title of Book or Article, page)


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