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Argumentation . . . appeals to reason; state a debatable position and, using sound evidence, try to get your reader to share your position.

Persuasion . . . can appeal to reason as well, but also to emotion and ethics (logos, ethos, pathos).

Neither essay format is mutually exclusive of types of appeals.

Choose a topic
Consider your audience
Consider the length of the essay or paper; the scope of your discussion depends on the length of the assignment
  Read (research) about your topic in order to determine the scope of your discussion
Use the Journalists Questions:  who, what, where, when, why, how??? to help develop your material.

  Develop a thesis
  Is your topic debatable?
What are others opinions on your topic? (Keep in mind your rebuttal.)
Hint:  Sometimes the use of the word should in your thesis provokes an argument.

  Who is your audience?
Go beyond thinking that just your professor would read your argument.  What if your paper were shared with others in the class?  Published in a student newspaper?
For a stronger presentation, assume your audience must be convinced of your position; perhaps they are skeptical or unbelieving.

  Gather your evidence**
  What kinds of evidence will you use?
Evidence should be relevant to your topic, should be representative of the full scope of your topic, should be sufficient, i.e., contain enough facts and examples to support your point of view.

  Opposing points of view (rebuttal)  Refute opposing arguments–try to pull the rug out
  from under the opposition.
If opposing arguments are strong, you may wish to acknowledge that, but still include your strongest evidence that supports your view.
You can run the rebuttal throughout your body paragraphs or write a separate paragraph.  If you write a separate paragraph, it is usually placed right before the conclusion.

Your paper is strengthened by reference(s) to experts who support your position.  Quote them when appropriate; however, be aware of overdoing it.
Keep in mind your quotes should support your argument, not BE the argument.
Statistics and general references to an authors work must be documented too.
Choose quotes that support the more controversial aspects of your position.
Do not use quotes as a topic sentence.
PAD the quote:  Punctuate, Attribute, Document (where required)




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