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In 1750 to 2400 words (about 7 to 8 double-spaced pages), discuss the following topics. When directed, briefly discuss one or more landmark court cases that have had an impact on the topic. Be sure to properly cite and reference your sources in APA style whether from your textbooks, supplemental sources, or other research. To organize your document, use short headings (three to five words) representative of the question you are answering (do not repeat the entire question). Your goal is to accurately portray the topic and the related law while remaining within the length requirement. If you have any questions about this assignment, please contact your mentor.
Identify and discuss the following circumstances in which the U.S. Supreme Court has found that no search occurred as there is no violation of a reasonable expectation of privacy:
Undercover agent/false friend cases
Abandoned property cases
Physical characteristics cases
Open fields and curtilage cases
Enhancement device cases
Focus on the principles that underlie why these areas are beyond Fourth Amendment protection as having no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Summarize Katz v. United States and its importance on the issue of seizures in regard to the Fourth Amendment. In your summary, include the key basic facts of the case and the final Supreme Court ruling. (The Katz v. United States link found within Other Resources will be very helpful.)
Discuss the Terry case, how the court determined the concept of reasonable suspicion, the factors which may and may not give rise to reasonable suspicion, and what articulable facts are. (The Terry v. Ohio link found within Other Resources will be very helpful.)
The particularity clause of the warrant requirement is different for arrest warrants than it is for search warrants. Explain this clause and when it is required for each type of warrant. Explain what is required for both an arrest warrant and a search warrant. Briefly mention the two landmark court cases associated with search warrants.
The courts have placed several restrictions on when and how the police may execute search warrants under special circumstances. Address at least two landmark cases in your response.
Identify and discuss the permissible level of force to effect an arrest. Include in your discussion the use of necessary force to gain suspect compliance during an arrest. Include a discussion of the use of nondeadly force (Graham v. Connor) and deadly force (Tennessee v. Garner).


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