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Use the attached Employee Handbook Template to develop an Employee Handbook for your own specific small business concept. Be sure to change the information to fit your particular type of business.  Record all of your changes to the template in red or another brightly colored ink (not black). The Employee Handbook for your business should include information for each of the following:
1. Welcome Page

2. Acknowledgment Form

3. Equal Opportunity

4. Employment Classifications

5. Confidentiality

6. Personal Information

7. Attendance

8. Dress Code

9. Work Hours

10. Lunch Period

11. Safety Rules

12. Smoking

13. Use of Company Property

14. Use of Company Computers

15. Substance Abuse

16. Sexual Harassment

17. Performance Reviews

18. Payroll/Benefits/Vacation

a. Payroll

b. Holidays

c. Vacation

d. Sick Leave

e. Family Medical Leave Act

f. Maternity Leave

g. Funeral Leave

h. Jury Duty

i. Time Off for School Conferences

j. Personal Time Off Brief Periods

k. Time Off for Voting

l. Military Services

m. Group Insurance

n. Continuation of Medical Benefits

o. Workers Compensation

p. Retirement Plans

q. Educational Assistance

r. Layoff and Recall

s. Termination

19. Acknowledgment Form to Sign


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