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Compose a persuasive response (minimum 500 words) that specifically addresses whether the practice of sharing streaming services with non-household members is or is not damaging to Americas economy. The word economy for the purpose of this means the organized system of human activity involved in the production, consumption, exchange, and distribution of goods and services. IMPORTANT: In your essay response, assume that Joe Worker is an employee at ABC Telecommunications, a corporation that provides quality streaming services to consumers. Joe has been a highly productive employee at that company for five years but has never received a raise in pay. One of the reasons for the salary freeze is that the profit margin for ABC (and other telecommunications companies) is not sufficiently stable to raise employee salaries.
That companys profit margin relies on the number of paying subscribers. If those Millennial streamers who share with other paying subscribers would actually become paying subscribers, that would have a positive effect on ABCs profit margin.
Agree or disagree that stream sharing should stop, because consumers who borrow from paying subscribers cause a negative impact on the economy and especially the profit margin of businesses that provide streaming services. Two sources are required, the Moore source and one additional source. The additional source must have an author (first and last name) and must be dated (dd/mm/yyyy). The additional source must comply with the requirements of Item #8 in the Instructor Addendum to the Syllabus. One direct quotation is required from each source used, but the accumulative lines of direct quotations in the essay may not exceed ten. The direct quotations used must be a minimum of two complete lines of text each. In-text citations are required for any source used.
Primary Online Source 1: The Moore article.
Primary Online Source 2: A related online source of your choice written by a different author. This source must be dated (day, month and year) and have an author (minimum first name, last name). MUST have works cited page. Read Moores article here


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