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A brief about me:-

I was an international student in the US, I studied abroad for six years and then worked there for a half a year after graduation,

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration concentrated in finance, took multiple different business courses throughout my time as a student, and I also worked as an international student assistant at the university. I volunteered and was member of the finance club at the university, and was member of the soccer club.

After graduation, I worked there as credit analyst in a loan company (financial service) for a while then returned back from abroad.

I currently work as an internal auditor in a bank.

Now, I am trying to pursue a master degree abroad in Europe and have a new beginning in different region, and interact with people from different various background. I’ve chosen a master in business analytics because I want to go into more the technical side of business. Information Systems
Data Science and Business Intelligence.

So, these questions are for the admission to the school i am applying for and hoping to get accepted.

I am fully occupied with work and personal things, I am hoping to find a good communicator and writer who can help.

Please let me know if you have any questions..

Here are the admission questions, I need at least one page for each.

Application essays are your opportunity to tell us more about yourself and detail your interests, values and goals. We are interested in what motivates you, evidence of leadership and team work, why you are looking to pursue a Master and what you will bring to the SCHOOL community. Essays are a vital part of your application and we recommend that you spend a significant amount of time in their preparation. They must be specific to the current application (400 words).

Please tell us your motivation for applying to this college Master in Business Analytics, including your interest for the college.

How do you envision your professional career ?

How will you contribute to the college Master in business analytics program ?

What matters most to you, and why ? Tell us the values and experiences that have shaped the person you are

5. Add any information you consider pertinent for the jury (not already detailed in the rest of your application)

Please let’s communicate.


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