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The first novella we will read this semester is Dec (2.0)

It’s an easy read — it’s set in Miami, and I wrote it.

If ya didn’t order it, I’m attaching a free .pdf of the book. It’s attached below.

You can also still order a hard copy of the book but it’s up to you. Order here if you want a hard copy.. 


If you don’t understand satire, study the definition of satire.

To truly understand satire this video example is really strong.

You are to write at least a 6 page creative satire based on Dec 2.0.. 

As always, typed, double space, Times Roman, 12 pt font.

Here are some ideas..

1. Write your own chapter of the book.

Capture Miami in your own personal satire. It’s you as the main character..

Do something or go somewhere Miami-related. Something that you would do, maybe down here in South Miami or Kendall.

A holiday gathering. A trip to the roller rink or santa’s enchanted forest. Anything.

But make sure you interact with at least one character from the story..

2. Tell a story though one of the characters. Put yourself in their frame of mind and write away.

If you have another idea, go for it. I won’t say no –but it needs to be a satire and connect to the materials or themes satirized in Dec 2.0. 

Your satire will be due at the end of the term in your final portfolio.


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