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Read chapter 5 !! then answer the question
on page 170 appears CASE INCIDENT 2-The Clash of the Traits.  After reading the exercise, answer questions 5-18, 5-19 and 5-20 on page 170.

1.The questions will test your broad understanding of each of the chapters and will not require you to locate, identify or define obscure facts.  Instead, the questions will require  you to analyze and understand the scenario/fact pattern presented and to answer the associated questions by using the appropriate information        from the chapter.

2.Each of your answers MUST also be supplemented by an explanation as to why you think your answer is accurate and appropriate.  Your                  answers should incorporate information drawn from the chapter and your explanation should be able to clearly demonstrate that you have an            understanding of the material you have used to form your answers.  You will have your textbook as a guide.


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