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Please choose one from the following two topics.

1The neighborhood of Socialist cities (base your discussion on understanding of  Lu Duanfang’s work, lecture, and your readings of Yu Yuan clips of Antonioni’s, Cina and clips Jiang Wen dir., Under the Heat of the Sun)

2) The Tiananmen Square and Socialist Capital (demonstrate your understanding of Wu Hung and Lu Duanfang’s work and your reading of clips of Antonioni’s film)
Due Dates:

1) 150-200-words  exercise of a tentative first paragraph of (or proposal to) your final essay is due March 31 or earlier.  Whatever ways you choose to write in this first paragraph, it must include a tentative argument/thesis besides other things. You will receive a brief comment. The exercise or its revision can be included in the final essay.  Please submit to “Exercise of First Paragraph”

2) A 1500 word-final essay is due by NOON April 7. You may include the tentative first paragraph or the revision of it in the final essay.

Michelangelo Antonioni, Chung Kuo Cina (Documentary 1972) clip1 Tiananmen Square Links to an external site.(

Michelangelo Antonioni,, Chung Kuo Cina (1972) Clip 2 re Nanjing Links to an external site. (

M. Antonioni, Chung Kuo Cina (1972), Clip 3 Shanghai Links to an external site.

M. Antonioni, Chung Kuo Cina (1972), Clip 4 Shanghai Links to an external site.


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