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Please read the assigned  Impromptu Speaking Notes Impromptu Speaking Notes – Alternative Formats

. To prepare for this speech, you will need to ask the member of your audience to come up with three open-ended questions that he or she will ask you. The subject of these questions can be anything from politics, environment, favorite foods, and travel to hobbies or home improvement. These questions are to remain secret until you are ready to start your impromptu speech.  When you are ready to start your speech, have your friend read all three questions. Then select one of these questions for your speech. Indicate the questions you have selected, take a few seconds to gather your thoughts, and then proceed to answer the question. Impromptu speeches can be a lot of fun, so just relax and do your best. Your video must be submitted by Wednesday of this session so that your classmates may give you proper feedback in time.
Remember, your response to the question should contain:

An introduction with main point
A body with supporting points
A conclusion to solidify main point


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