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Please write a short essay telling me how you think this  writing class will go for you this quarter.  Use a title, use paragraphs, use details and some analysis; this is a way for me to get to know a little about your writing, but do not over-concern yourself with making it perfect.  It will not be graded.

Consider touching on some of the following topics:

Where are you sheltering in place, what are the limitations you see in terms of access to technology, challenges of time zones or competition for bandwidth, or not having a quiet space to work, etc.  What are your concerns and what do you think you can do about them?

What is your sense of yourself as a writer and how does having this class occur in an online writing environment fit with that? 

What would you find most valuable to learn from this class this quarter?

Or, you can write about broader issues that are affecting you that you think will come into play: are you working?  are you living with a lot of family members, including some who might be ill?  do you have physical issues that make you concerned about whether you might get sick yourself?

As you can see, there is a lot of latitude here. 

Take about an hour to write this.  Produce about 500 words but don’t add more words just to get it to the word count.


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