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The Baroque Period and the music of the Baroque Period.  If you do not have a textbook, then you are to go to and research the Baroque Period and all of its information about:

1. music in this period,
2. the social culture during the Baroque Period,
3. the 3-4 major composers, and
4. musical instruments and,
5. the kind of music that was prominent during this period. You are to write a 2 -3 page paper about Music and how music was used in The Baroque Period covering the aforementioned information.

You are not to plagiarize any information from the textbook or information on the internet.  Plagiarizing is against the honor code.  You are to write the paper in your own words and expression.  That will give me an indication if you are comprehending the information that you are reading.  This paper is valued at 25 points.  You will be graded on the researched information and the way you express yourself indicating appreciation.


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