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1. First, read the Module Notes and Chapters 8 and 9 in the textbook. Next, choose a recent article on the treatment of any type of cancer. Your article choice may be from either a peer-reviewed journal article or a popular news site, but should include some information about scientific research involving the causes or treatment of the disease.

If you need ideas for your search, use the links below:

Science Daily (
Science Magazine (
Science News (

Then, using your article and knowledge gained from this module, complete items a and b in written post of a few sentences.

2. Describe the process of mitosis and explain how cancer develops.

3.Discuss the type of cancer addressed in your article and summarize the article.

Then, in the same post, address the following:

4.You have been assigned the task of creating a public announcement about this new research/treatment.  Pretend you work for a firm whose job is to raise public awareness about this new development in cancer research. Create an audio file describing the cancer research and relating it to the terms and concepts youve learned in this course, but in a way the public will be able to understand. Venture capitalists will also hear your audio ad, so consider how this research is funded.


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