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1. Companies must maintain payrolls and use federal funds to keep people working.

2. Businesses must provide $15 an hour minimum wage quickly but no later than a year from the end

3. CEOs must certify their companies are complying with the rules and face criminal penalties for violating them.

4. Collective bargaining agreements must remain in place.

5. Companies would be permanently banned from engaging in stock buybacks.

6. Companies would be barred from paying out dividends or executive bonuses while they receive federal funds and the ban would be in place for three years.

7. Businesses would have to provide at least one seat to workers on their board of directors, but potentially two or more, as the amount of relief increases.

8. Corporate boards must get shareholder approval for all political spending.

Accountability Provisions.png

Comment on whether any ONE of these proposals should or should not be included as a precondition to companies receiving bailout funds.  Note you may comment on more than one of these items but only one is required for this submission.


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