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Choose one prompt for your approximately 500-word reflection

1. Broken Blossoms is described by Roger Ebert as an interracial romance and by Julia Lesage as a “artful racism, artful rape.” The short articles referenced are in the PPT. Review these two articles, consider their points, and either make an argument supporting one or the other case, or explain how the meaning is ambiguous. To make your case, you must analyze the shots and editing.

2. If you watched Birth of a Nation — discuss the ways in which fiction influenced politics in the historical moment of 1915, and consider the objection of the NAACP to screenings of the film. Also discuss the film in light of current politics.

3. Watch Ava Du Vernay’s “13th” and discuss Birth of a Nation in light of this film. 

4. The PPT includes a Bangville Police film. Explain and discuss how the use of editing constructs suspense and humor in a sequence.


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