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Students should select questions from the options below to answer. The questions are from Chapters 1 7. Each answer should be at a minimum a half-page, double-spaced page (Times New Roman, 12-point font). The textbook does not have to be the only source for your answers. If you use other sources, please reference them within the text of your answer and at the end of your answer. Submit answers in a Microsoft Word or PDF document.

For EDA 401 students, select three (3) questions to answer.

1.    What is the connection between theory and practice? Why should practitioners care about theory?

2.    How has clinical psychology contributed to andragogy? How has adult education contributed to andragogy?

3.    Discuss the implications of dealing with the learning process first and then content, versus dealing with content and then the learning process.

4.    Discuss the ideas of adult learning and adult education and the implication of the differences.

5.    What is the value of thinking of wholes and parts as they relate to learning?

6.    What are some of the important points derived from elemental model learning theories and holistic model learning theories?

7.    Summarize Carl Rogerss view of the teacher/learner relationship.

8.    Summarize John Deweys contribution to understanding the learning process.


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