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There are 4 academic articles for each week and the professor will ask 1 question and just wants to know how all the articles are related to the question or what was most interesting. I attached the articles pertaining to each week.

Week 7: Adding to the difficulties of charting the relationship between leadership and ethics are the (3) legalities that are expected to prevail where law, or the rule of law, has been instituted.  Among the articles for Week 7, reference is made to an ethics “code” (Downe) and to “good citizenship” (Kabalo).  Is being a “moral model” more efficacious?  Reference is also made to “self-optimizing” environmental degradation (Phillips), and dismal performance-based “self-identity” (Walker).  Yet even if ethical leadership is more efficacious than ethics codes in filling such voids, can we rely on there being ethical leadership?     

Week 9 – In Section 3 of the course, three primary forms of management will be explored: (1) loyalty-based, (2) system-based, and (3) behavior-based management.  All are intertwined with leadership, since management typically implies leadership, and the three forms of management typically reflect the prevalent form of leadership. Three basic forms of leadership can be described as proceeding by way of: (1) personal interconnection, (2) structural delineation, and (3) performance incentivization.  As will be seen, these three correspond to the three primary forms of management.  In our next class, the first of them, loyalty-based management, will be explored with a view to ethics.  Does this form of management conduce to ethics overall, in the operations, objectives and outcomes of an organization? The readings indicate several types of loyalty-based management: (1) nepotism (Akbari), (2) clientelism (Moncada), (3) cronyism (Rubin), and (4) legalism (Bersche).  Where does loyalty pertain in each management case, and what is the challenge to ethics in each?                   


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