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For each term:
Define the terms (2 marks)
Provide significance, discuss two examples, and/or discuss complexity (3 marks)
Length:  50-150 words MAX, per term

Select any FIVE of the TEN terms.

1. UN Charter

2. Precautionary principle

3. Embedded liberalism

4. Underdevelopment/dependency theory

5. Overseas development assistance (ODA)

6. International (inter-state) war and civil (intra-state) war

7. Securitization

8. Responsibility to Protect (R2P/RtoP)

9. Terrorism

10. Nuclear deterrence

Section B (15 marks)

The answers should be in essay format. Provide references as required, using any referencing style you wish. You are NOT required to do any outside research, only discuss information from the readings, lectures and class discussions. Use examples from the required readings to support your answers.

Length:  200-650 words MAX

6. How should we understand international security? Compare traditional and alternative approaches to security.


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