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Session 5 Reflection Paper
In Echoes of Eden (2013), Barrs notes in Chapter 1, “We may say, however, that there are five aspects of our God-given creativity, or five “callings” to direct us as we engage in the work of creating before the face of God, the great Creator who made us like himself and for himself.” In 2-3 pages (per APA standards), explain how your final project engages with these five standards from Barrs’ text:

We are to seek to glorify God in all we do.
We are designed to find fulfillment for ourselves in using, developing and expressing the gifts that God has so richly given us.
We are to seek to be of benefit to others, so that they may be able to look at what we create and say of it, “It is good.” The Christian artist always lives in community and is called to serve others in the development and expression of the gifts God has given to each one for the blessing of all.
In being creative, we fulfill our human design by exercising dominion over the earth.
We are called, in all we do, including in our creative work, to set back the boundaries of the fall, to restrain the abnormality of our present human life in its brokenness and sorrow and of our present world that is under the curse and therefore resists our dominion.

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